Amtrak Crescent – New Orleans to NYC

amtrak crescent

Amtrak 94 – Genesis Locomotive leading the Crescent (20) this morning.

Diner Cars on Amtrak Crescent

Amtrak Crescent has the new diner cars! Crescent is the long-haul train that runs from New Orleans to New York City (#20) and back (#19). On Wednesday, the diner car on the Crescent was not one of the old, “heritage” cars, but one of the new cars that are now entering regular service.

amtrak crescent

Diner Car “Annapolis”

This is diner car “Annapolis. It departed NOR (New Orleans) for NYP (New York – Penn Station) yesterday. Photo quality is low, since it’s a screen capture from the video I recorded of the train passing. Dining car “Augusta” was part of the consist on Wednesday. One of the members of a Facebook Amtrak fan group reported that his train to NOR included Augusta.



amtrak crescent

“Heritage” diner car

I shot stills today, expecting to see another “new” diner this morning. Amtrak Crescent today included a “heritage” diner car. Today’s train also included an additional car! It’s nice to see the private cars running. After the train passed, I realized, that last car wasn’t private.





amtrak crescent

Corrugated-side “heritage” diner, painted in Amtrak livery.


Unusual Equipment


Today’s train included a corrugated-side car at the end. It was clearly equipment from a “fallen flag” passenger carrier. Closer examination showed it’s painted in the current Amtrak livery. The mystery car is a diner. Space at top for the railroad name is blank. Some of the car name is visible, but I can’t make it out. I guess it’s deadhead equipment moving up to the Northeast.




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