Corrugated-wall buildings are common near railroad right-of-ways

corrugated-wall buildings

French Truck Coffee, corner of Magazine and Erato Streets, in the Lower Garden District (French Truck photo)

Corrugated-wall buildings have great modeling potential

corrugated-wall buildings

French Truck Coffee logo

I came across a photo from French Truck Coffee this morning. It’s a great shot of a rainbow that appeared over much of New Orleans yesterday. A big thunderstorm passed over the city, leaving the pretty sight. The French Press photo caught my eye because the place is so colorful.

I drink French Truck Coffee many mornings. They make a special blend for Wakin’ Bakin’, my favorite breakfast place in Mid-City. I haven’t made it up to Magazine and Erato Streets, the location of this shop/warehouse, or French Truck Cafe’, on Dryades Street. I didn’t realize their place on Magazine was so colorful!

Modeling French Truck Coffee’s shop/warehouse

I ordered a couple of Pikestuff kits from Rix Products last week. They’ll be in at Hub Hobby Shop tomorrow, and I’ll get to work on them soon. The Pikestuff corrugated-wall buildings caught my eye because of all the variations on roll-up doors and loading docks they had. I kept thinking, so many of these buildings have been converted and re-purposed over time. It makes for not only imaginative locations on the layout, but also great backstory to write. A coffee warehouse? Not out of the question.

corrugated-wall buildings

Google Earth view of French Truck Coffee on Magazine Street

Check out the old streetcar tracks on Erato at Magazine (via Google Maps). While this is street rail, maybe a rail spur behind the building isn’t out of the question.

The French Truck

corrugated-wall buildings

Citroen 2CV “French Truck” (courtesy French Truck Coffee)

There’s not just one “French Truck,” but rather a small fleet of them. I remember seeing the (what I assume is the original) French Truck, an old Citroen truck, painted in the company’s signature shade of yellow. While the company has modern trucks to do deliveries, I occasionally see the Citroen at Wakin’ Bakin’. The French Truck Citroens appear to be the 2CV model.

corrugated-wall buildings

Lemke Minis diecaast N-Scale Citroen HY food truck.

Lemke Minis makes N-scale models of the Citroen HY model, including a food/coffee truck. Perhaps the company won’t mind if we take a little license and paint one of these in their colors.