Pre-fab Buildings

pre-fab buildings

Mattix Cabinets, N. Solomon St, Mid-City New Orleans


pre-fab buildings

Amtrak Crescent #20, along the back belt, 17-June-2018

I was up early this morning, had to drive kid to the airport. I knew Morning Call was open 24/7 in City Park, so I went there.

About 0645, I migrated over to the PJ’s Coffee Shop on Canal Blvd. That place is right next to the Norfolk Southern “back belt”, and is a great place for watching the Crescent go by, along with various freight action. To kill time (the coffee shop didn’t open until 0700), I took a roundabout route, going back by the Lafitte Corridor.

Lafitte Corridor

There’s a lot of old stuff in and around the Lafitte Corridor, the old route from the Southern Railway terminal on Canal and Basin Street, out of town. When the city completed the Union Passenger Terminal in 1954, the Southern terminal was demolished and the tracks ripped up. There was still a bit of industry along the corridor, though, so there was still freight traffic in the area for decades.

The rail activity is gone, as the Corridor became a walk/bike trail. The area is still wonderful inspiration for the fictional village of Milneburg, and Pontchartrain Railroad.

Pre-Fab Buildings

I built my first Pikestuff kit this past week. It was a fun experience, and I’ll write about it in a separate article. As I drove around this morning, I went past Mattix Cabinets, on N. Solomon St. It’s a great prototype for a Pikestuff model.

pre-fab buildings

Pikestuff (Rix Products) Multi Purpose Building, N-Scale

There are two Pikestuff kits that would make a good start. There’s the Multi-Purpose Building, with its high side walls.

pre-fab buildings

Pikestuff kit, Tri-Star Industries, N-Scale

Then there’s the Tri State Industries kit, because of its width. Pikestuff sells wall extensions and such, so I may order both from Hub and experiment. Milneburg progresses!


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